5 Simple Steps to Market Your Restaurant for Father’s Day

With Father’s day coming up, your restaurant should be prepared to get lots of hungry customers that want the best dining experience for this special day. Your restaurant can give them what they want and more by offering them deals they can’t resist. Here are 5 easy tips to use your online resources, loyalty programs, and promo codes to maximize profits for Father’s Day.

In this article we discuss:

  • Website Holiday Promotions
  • Special Best-of Menu
  • Loyalty Programs and Email Marketing
  • Dad’s Meal
  • Social Media Buzz

1. Website Holiday Promotions

Your website is the first place diners visit before deciding where to dine so it’s important to make a good first impression. It’s extremely beneficial to use eCommerce tools like homepage alerts and separate “spotlight” pages to promote Father’s Day offerings and special deals. You can add a promo code alert (Ex: Save XX on [offer] for today! Use code checkout) to your website to attract more guests looking for a good deal.

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2. Special Best-of Menu

Create a special best-of menu for your standout dishes, particularly ones enjoyed on special occasions. Ensure your customers know that their favorite dishes will be served, and make sure that you have enough provisions to ensure they will be available. No one wants to take their dad to a restaurant only to have their favorite meal sold out. A special best-of menu will directly address those concerns by showing customers your preparedness for the holiday.

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3. Loyalty Programs and Email Marketing

If your restaurant has a loyalty program, holiday deals are the best time to create rewards such as 5% off a purchase, a free dessert, or a deal on specials. Another great tool to reach out to existing customers is email, and it has never been easier with online ordering systems to gather customer contact information. Whether your website utilizes a signup feature to capture addresses or a direct online ordering method that automatically saves contact info, it is extremely easy to export these to your restaurant’s email marketing platform. This ensures that existing customers know about new menus, gift card bonuses, and events- especially for the holidays.

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4. Dad’s Meal

Celebrate and honor dads by offering a free dad’s meal! People will be looking for restaurants with special deals on Father’s Day, and a dad’s meal is a great way to attract more families. A special meal like this will make your restaurant stand out! You will need to be careful how the meal is offered so as not to cut your profits though. Offer the meal for purchases over a certain amount or with some other conditions that ensure you get good profit out of the investment.

Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography on Unsplash

5. Social Media Buzz

Make sure to promote the special things your restaurant offers on Father’s Day on social media! You can create some buzz online by creating a contest or a giveaway for booking and ordering from your restaurant. Social media is also the perfect place to promote special menu items, promotions, and deals! Make your customers excited about your special deals, and don’t forget to include your promo code on your social media. Connecting your restaurant deals on social media will not only help your Father’s Day business but also help grow your social media and customer reach.

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