Best Social Media Strategy for your restaurant

Why is social media important to your restaurant?

More and more people are using social media, especially in the pandemic. According to Hootsuite, 15.5 users join social media every second. Social Media can help restaurants enhance customer awareness without spending a large budget on traditional marketing methods like print or billboard ads. In addition, restaurants can use social media to reach online customers, run promotional campaigns, communicate with diners, and many more.

So why not creating a holistic social media presence for your restaurants? Here are some social media tips for your restaurant to thrive.

Best social media for restaurants

As busy restaurant owners, you may be overwhelmed with how many social media choices available to create your restaurant profile and start managing your business’s online presence. Starting a profile is easy, but managing and maintaining it takes time, resources, and efforts. Therefore, if you are just getting into social media marketing for your restaurant, it is a good idea to only use a few main channels that suit your business goals the most.

  • Facebook is a great place to start, being the most popular social network with roughly 2.8 billion monthly active users. Restaurants can display their websites, address, opening hours, phone number, and price range alongside displays of their food.
  • A more visual-focused social platform for food display is Instagram. If your restaurant is targeting a younger demographic, this is an amazing place to share photos and videos, or be more creative with stories or Tik Tok-inspired Reel function.
  • Better yet, YouTube is another intimidating tool to establish your brand identity. It is suitable for longer and more professional videos like cooking tutorials or customer testimonials. Make sure you upload your unique and custom thumbnail to increase clicks and views.

Social Media Tips for restaurants

Creating your restaurant business accounts on social media is just the first step, here are some tips to optimize your restaurant’s social media presence:

  • Use Facebook and Instagram Paid Ads to specifically target audience segments suitable with each campaign
  • Create engaging content on social media to keep customers talking about your business. For example, you can encourage customer reviews with open-ended questions on food display posts.
  • Post frequently and consistently, make sure your content is relevant and engaging
  • Complete your business profile by filling out as much detailed information as possible
  • Engage with your customers: respond to comments and private messages
  • Stay updated and explore the most recent social media features

Keep these tips in mind the next time you plan your restaurant’s social media strategy and you’ll be surprised how powerful social media is at attracting and retaining customers.



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