The best ways to maintain customer loyalty for restaurants

You already get your customers in the door. Now you want them to keep coming back. Existing customers are the backbone of any restaurant, and keeping them happy will indeed bring them back.

It is far more impactful and efficient to retain loyal customers than acquiring new ones because when you turn a guest into a loyal fan, they will bring a crowd into your restaurant. Therefore, effective customer retention is essential to every restaurant marketing strategy. Here is what you can do to entice them to come back:

Offer your restaurant a personal touch

Work with your staff to establish and implement excellent customer service. Treat your customers specially by greeting them as they enter the restaurant, helping them find a table, and even better, remembering their names and their usual orders. Etiquette training for your staff is key to customer retention. Make sure your staff are well trained and well prepared to gauge guests’ reactions or intentions without appearing to be too intrusive.

Adopt a good loyalty program

A membership program will provide your guests with a goal which encourages them to frequently dine at your restaurant. People love getting points, and they love getting rewards even more. Consider offering your guests a personalized membership card to remind them that they are more than just a number to you. Membership cards give people a sense of belonging, which is important because people like to think that they are part of an organization or a group with purpose and meaning. With a loyalty scheme, you will also be able to track how often your members visit your restaurant.

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Collect and review customer feedback

Gathering feedback is getting easier with technology. Guests can now leave their reviews on online platforms such as Yelp, Google Review, Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc. Among these platforms, customer reviews on Google is the strongest indicator of how well your restaurant is liked. The quality and quantity of Google reviews is an important ranking factor for local SEO. When a person searches for your restaurant online, the business listing which includes customer reviews presents greater credibility and eventually, your website will receive more clicks.

Skipli can help boost your customer loyalty with automated marketing messages sent directly to your guests as they place an order. These messages will ask your guests to rate their experience with food and service at your restaurant, and encourage them to leave a review. The ease of SMS rating system helps solicit customer feedback immediately and conveniently. Skipli will then push good reviews to Google Review, while negative reviews would only show up in your dashboard for you to handle and resolve. We can also help you send them reminders via text messaging to entice them to come back. Furthermore, if you have any promotional discounts or menu updates, they will be alerted in just a second!

Want to explore how to set up an automated marketing messaging that drives in new customers and makes existing ones happy? Email us at and find out how we can best help you.



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