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In the age of COVID-19, contactless ordering is the new normal.

The events in 2020 will be remembered for many years to come. From an unstable political climate to a worldwide pandemic, 2020 has completely changed our way of living and what we consider to be normal.

Most countries have experienced some sort of lockdown, with residents being encouraged or forced to stay at home to avoid contracting the disease. As social beings, humans have become accustomed to socializing and interacting with others. This behavior as well as the traditional way of conducting business have been altered forever due to the virus and public fear of contagion. However, not all is lost. New technology is being introduced to assist restaurant owners to navigate the choppy water back to profitability and gaining new customers through the door and online channels.

The Solution to the Problem of Restaurant Owners

It is a known fact that the coronavirus is highly infectious, forcing customers to stay at home rather than risking being infected when they visit restaurants. Due to this, earnings have dropped significantly. The solution to this is to implement contactless ordering.

Contactless ordering allows customers to eat at restaurants while significantly minimizing the person-to-person and person-to-object contact they may have. This allows customers to enjoy a good meal without fear of being infected. It also allows restaurants to attract more customers, thus saving their earnings.

Why You Should Implement Contactless Ordering?

With Dine-In, restaurants can quickly and safely give customers an upgraded digital version of the menu, offering a new way to order on a familiar experience. The feature is easy to use for both staff and guests: Customers can place orders from their own smartphones by scanning QR code at the table and viewing food photos at the menu.

1. Increase your restaurant’s revenue with strategic upselling.

Upselling with food photos on the menu with detailed description. We will help you highlight your most profitable dishes, upsell other items, and increase your order sizes. In the meanwhile, your staff can have more time to interact with customers to increase their tips.

2. More tipping and 5-star ratings.

Customers tend to tip more when your staff spend more time tending to their needs. In the traditional settings, your staff are often occupied with taking the order and distributing the menus to new customers that they have almost no time tending to the customers.

Contactless menu is designed to handle the grunt work of handling menus and taking orders so your staff can spend more time with your customers. The extra attention your customers receive always leads to more customer satisfaction, thus more tips for your staff and more 5-star ratings for your restaurant.

3. Instantly gain new customers

When customers can easily see your menu online, it acts as an advertisement for your restaurant. They can easily review and invite them to eat out together. Encourage customers to share and turn their friends into new customers!

4. Reduce risk for customers and your staff

Of course, by implementing contactless ordering you reduce the fear of customers to eat at your restaurant. By establishing a safe and sanitary environment for your customers, you allow them to feel more comfortable visiting your restaurant even during these trying times. With contactless ordering, you are taking care of the welfare of both your customers and staff. It is your responsibility to take care of them.

5. Update your menu within seconds

Don’t limit communication to social media, either. Design your own digital menu with nice food photos and update information on your own business website. A well-developed digital menu provides you with the power to strengthen customer experience outside of your restaurant and to grow revenue once your customers interact with your brand. Online menus are not only becoming more common — they’re becoming critical to your restaurant’s success.

How Does Contactless Ordering Work?

There are three main components to fully integrate contactless ordering.

The first component is the contactless menu. After being seated, traditional restaurants would hand-out a physical menu for customers to choose their dishes from. It would be quite difficult and inefficient for restaurants to disinfect each and every physical menu after use. Also, replacing all the menus is quite costly. With contactless menus, customers will be able to view the full list of food choices right from their phone. It’s simple, convenient, and reduces contact with foreign objects.

The second component is contactless ordering. Whether you are eating at a fine-dining restaurant or a fast-food chain, you need to talk to one of the restaurant employees to place an order. By being this close to another person, you risk infecting yourself. Through contactless ordering, the orders are placed via a mobile device. There is no need to stand or sit too close to someone else.

The third and last component is the contactless payment system. The worst and absolute way to pay is through cash. The coronavirus thrives on surfaces such as cash bills. When this is handed over to the cashier, you risk infecting him or her. Likewise, when the cashier hands you back your change, you risk infecting yourself.

Credit cards are just as bad. You still have to hand over the credit card to the cashier and the cashier will still hand it back to you. Even in that short amount of time, you risk spreading the infectious disease. With contactless payment, you can check your bill directly from your phone. Payment can also be made via the customer’s smartphone. It’s convenient and no physical contact with other people is required.

How Can Skipli Help?

Skipli is a commission-free online ordering system, food ordering app, and website creator helping restaurants feed their hungry customers. Our contactless ordering features have been implemented by a wide range of restaurants around the U.S. Since then, we’ve been listening to our customers’ feedback and have constantly been improving our products.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, social norms have changed. For the foreseeable future, contactless ordering is bound to become a necessity for restaurants. Our services make the implementation of contactless ordering seamless and easy. Work with us as we create a safer environment for your customers and staff during these unprecedented times.

If you’re using a third-party delivery app that charges up to 30% commissions, know that you have other options with Skipli. Customers order directly from your own delivery system, check out and then enter their address. Skipli system will automatically communicate with the national delivery network and get quotes for the shipping from several carrier services surrounding. Our smart system will choose the best and fastest services available and show the customers the best price. Customers will pay the shipping fee and their food will be delivered to them.

We offer a 30-days free trial. After that, you can choose your package to fit your business expectation. Skipli helps you succeed online, increase sales. Sign up online or send us your updated menu, and then set up a payment account to get paid. We will handle the rest!

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