Valentine’s Day 2021: Promotion Strategies for your restaurant

Expand your menu: Valentine’s Day takeout specials to boost revenue

Making sure your Valentine’s Day meals are delivery-friendly, which is essential during these times. Additionally, you can come up with many interesting promotion ideas for this special day. Instead of offering percentage discounts on Valentine’s Day orders, be more creative with couple’s menus featuring a full three-course meal available for take-out, buy-one-get-one entrée, or free drinks and dessert. Better yet, transform your ordinary dishes with a romantic twist like a heart decoration made of shrimps or rose tomatoes that make your food both savory and instagrammable!

Valentine’s Day promotion Idea for your restaurant’s takeout menu: Lover’s lunch at home (Photo by Jisoo Kim on Unsplash)

Promote your offers on social media

Make the most of your digital presence by not only sending your frequent customers valentine’s cards via email (if you have an email list) but also creating engaging social media campaigns. You can share news and post photos of your special menu or discounts while taking advantage of the latest social media features. This can range from having a hashtag campaign, using TikTok or Instagram Reel for behind-the-scenes cooking videos, to hosting a couple’s online cooking class.

Use Social Media for your Valentine’s Day Promotion (Photo by @Eaters Collective on Unsplash)

For special Valentine’s orders: Free gifts and customized menus

Besides the usual buy-one-get-one-free deals, small Valentine’s gifts can be super effective to please your customers, especially for take-out orders. The lack of the usual romantic atmosphere can be made up for with small complementary gifts as a courtesy of the restaurants, especially for large orders. Freebies and valentine-themed gifts such as a small box of chocolate or flowers can be effective promotional tools that really excite your customers. You can even design your own restaurant Valentine card with a special wish along with some special discount vouchers and any other offers you have. If you have a customer loyalty program and want to be more cost-effective, consider a customized menu or unique presents designed only for your loyal diners.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate for your special customers (Photo by @theskyandthesea on Unsplash)



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