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Your menu is one of the strongest sales tools that you have. It is the first thing that your customers always look for to decide what to order. You will lose a lot of sales when your menu is hard to understand and lack food pictures. The menu being the first point of contact for a customer needs to make an instant impression.


1. Slow & hard to update

With Paper menus, it is not possible to update instantly with your latest offerings or unavailable items. No one wants to keep items on the menu that don’t sell well, but it costs time and money to change the menu.

2. Worn or dirty paper

The restaurant can’t completely maintain the paper menu away from water or oil stain. Many customers prefer to order without touching the menu due to hygiene issues. Restaurants can’t completely protect the paper menu from water, food, naughty kids, or usual expected wear.

3. Cost and Time consuming

Average restaurant reprints the menu 3 times a year which leads to high printing costs. Moreover, it takes time to design, approve, and print the menu.


  1. Poor dish descriptions and lack of food pictures: It’s hard to catch the attention of customers and influence their purchasing decisions by poor pics or only text descriptions.
  2. Ordering Errors: Customers cannot input their choice directly. There are some difficulties in add-on the order by communicating with staff.
  3. Customers don’t want to touch the menu, especially during a pandemic.


1. The perfect first impression to capture customer’s attention

As the digital menu supports HD images, it becomes easy for a customer to decide quickly with confidence in their order. Visual information leads to an increase in sales. Real and nice photos surely help customers to decide quickly.

2. Save money

  • Expensive Printing Fee: Say goodbye to grubby and worn out menus as well as the time and stress of arranging reprints. The digital menu will save thousands of dollars on printing materials.
  • Handle more orders using the same number of staff. There’s no jumping between tablets or emails, all of your orders come through one platform in a standard format. It also reduces the need for staff to handle customer orders by phone.

3. No more wrong orders: By having everything come through in a standardized format that kitchen staff know and love, there’s no confusion and little risk of getting the order wrong


Benefits of using SKIPLI SMART MENU

Easy & Flexible to update and manage: It’s quick and easy to update your menu with Skipli Smart System. Upload images and add descriptions. Any change to the menu can be done within minutes which does not require any additional cost. With a single click, all the devices get updated in no time.

Secured Payment: Skipli partners with leading payment gateways such as Stripe and Square to process and monitor each payment using the latest fraud prevention technology. We accept all credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. The funds will be transferred directly into the restaurant’s bank account daily or weekly as instructed by the merchant.

Quickly increase sales: When customers order through your website, you also capture their information and eating habits from Skipli system. This information allows for better marketing and more returning customers.

5-star ratings to improve customer experience. You’re in charge of everything meaning you can accurately set expectations, show the customer how much you care and ensure they are happy. The extra attention your customers receive always leads to more customer satisfaction.

The menu is a great marketing tool.

Your menu is one of the strongest sales tools that you have. It is the first thing that your customers always look for to decide what to order. You will love a lot of sales when your menu is hard to understand and lack pictures.

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